Monday, November 30, 2009

Surrounding myself

I've been thinking about it and the best way I have found that I think is going to keep me on track to lose weight is to surround myself with weight loss and healthyness. I'm talking about using healthy cookbooks for cooking, reading nutrition books or success stories on my down time, watching The Biggest Loser, reading fitness magazines, etc etc. By doing this I will not only educate myself but I will also be constantly reminded of my task. Yep, thats my plan and I'm sticking too it. I'm still reading Jillian Michaels book but I'm short on time. I really want to join the gym again. I really liked the gym that I was in last year and I really took it for granted. It was literally a 5 minute or less drive from my apt and it was never crowded and I loved it. If I could have one wish it would be to have my membership back, even if it means driving 10 minutes a day or so to get to it. I wouldn't mind. Alas, I need money for that, so I guess I better work hard. But guess what my readers, I am now on my way out the door to go for a walk/run :)



Anonymous said...

yes! I have to surround myself with great motivation and motivating people to help me get to my goal...:) (china and b)

Mad wabbit woman! said...

gym memberships are so extortionate!..i wanted to join one not far from where i live but the prices were just so unreal..needless to say, that kind of zapped my enthusiasm for excercise, lol!

Anonymous said...

hey tell your mom happy bday from us china and blanca from bs