Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!

Hi everyone! I just had to stop in and say that tomorrow is the day that I start changing everything around :) My mom generously bought me a new pair of trainers because I had bought a cheap pair from Walmart and  after just a few uses, they were already hurting my feet. So of course I retired them to the closet and couldn't afford a new pair. Owning a good pair of shoes is so obvious now that I look back on it. Comfortable shoes will make you want to use them, plain and simple. If your workout shoes are more comfortable than the shoes you wear every day to class, work, etc. then working out should actually be a vacation for your feet :) I couldn't find a great pic online, but the shoes that I got are the "womens nike zoom nucleus MC+". I went with my mom to Playmakers, an athletic store in my area, and they actually make you take off your shoes and they watch how you walk back and forth, to see if your feet roll or have any arch to them. Apparently I needed a pretty supportive shoe because my feet roll in when I walk. Who knew? And this whole time I have been torturing myself with shoes made for just normal feet. I did not have time to exercise today, especially because here in Michigan it gets dark at about 6pm. Tomorrow on the other hand, is a new day. Tomorrow I have vowed to get outside with my new shoes, and just go for a walk. How hard can that be?

I'm thinking about making an 80's playlist on my iPod to really give me something to be excited about. I love 80's music. Any suggestions?

Also, I am heading to the grocery store in about an hour to get groceries for the week. Since I live with my bf, I can't (for now) eat 100% healthy, since he is a skinny-mini and he hates having to eat healthy ALL the time. I have cookbooks for GI diets, which I will be doing a blog on shortly, that I like to take inspiration from, and typically it is VERY tasty. The problem is, the recipes require a lot of ingredients which means more money for me to spend. So I'm taking it one day at a time, I will most likely be doing my recipe of the week for a GI recipe, so you PCOSers out there have something yummy to cook for yourself :)

Wish me luck! I will blog regularly to let you know my progress :)

Stay tuned!


Ana said...

Do you Ramones or The Clash? Good 80's punk rock! :)

Anonymous said...

ooh love 80s music!