Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is near!

A bit about me:

Eggnog or hot chocolate? Both! Eggnog is probably first, considering you can't really get it at any time of the year

Does Santa wrap the presents or leave them open under the tree? Santa ALWAYS wraps presents :) usually with bright pink wrapping paper :D

Colored lights on a tree or white? Right now I have white lights on my tree but I'm not apposed to colored lights, which I have hanging everywhere else. 

Do you hang mistletoe? No, I never have but I'd like to. Most people thing of Holly when they are actually thinking of mistletoe 

What is your favorite holiday dish? I would have to say anything on Thanksgiving but I think that we are talking about Christmas here so probably cinnamon rolls which we usually have on Christmas morning, then the ham. Oh yummy ham. 

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Sometimes, it depends if my family is working on Christmas day or not. My mom is from Germany and it's traditional to open gifts on Christmas Eve night. And then of course sometimes I bug my parents so much that they give in and we dive in :)

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? I live in a small apartment so I have a mini 3 foot Christmas tree that is pink with white lights, silver tinsel, red, purples and silver ornaments and also small white snow-ball looking ornaments and silver ribbon. Still searching for a tree topper! 

Snow: love it or hate it? I have a serious love/hate relationship with snow. I love when it falls and everything is white and glittery, but then when I go outside and spend 15 minutes digging my car out of a foot of snow I really start to hate it. Can you blame me?

What is your favorite holiday dessert? German gingerbread :)

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Spending Christmas with my parents and usually going to my Uncles for Christmas brunch, seeing him and my aunt and my little cousins 

Candy canes: yum or yuck? Yum! Though I haven't had a single one this year! :(

Favorite Christmas show? I don't have a favorite SHOW but A Christmas Story is my all time favorite Christmas movie. I've seen it twice already this season and it is playing 24 hrs on Christmas Eve!

What is everyone doing for Christmas?


Mad wabbit woman! said...

eggnog!..we dont have that here in the UK, so ive never tried it :( though i have heard it is delightful!

wow..people open theyre gifts on christmas eve in germany?..what do you have to look forward to on christmas morning?! you keep a gift back to open then?

heehee! i cant believe they are showing the same film for 24 hours tomorrow!..ive never seen a christmas story..though i love national lampoons' christmas vacation!..the griswolds are like what my family were like when i was growing up! :P

well i will be here on christmas day, at home with the buns..not going to be doing anything special..maybe watch some crap tv or play some guitar hero, lol!

anyhoo, frolich weinachten, tasha!
(im not sure i spelt that right!..i remember that from when i did german in school!).