Friday, January 15, 2010

How to trick water #2

Once again I am here spilling my secrets to making water more appealing. I was watching TV and I realized that I was craving something seriously bubbly. I think that is the reason that I love soda so much, the fizz. BUT I think we all forgot about the fizzyness that is carbonated water. You can buy carbonated water in many different flavors or just plain. For the latter I recommend cutting 100% juice with the water - a bit of fizz and a bit of flavor.

Happy hydrating!



Mad wabbit woman! said...

i actually love carbonated water!,,i prefer it to still water! you, i think i like the fizziness of a drink!..just a qy=uick pick-up about your last water post:
bottled water is cheaper to buy here than a britta filter..2 litre bottles of water can be bought here for anything between 40-80p, whereas a britta filter costs anywhere between three and five pounds...also, we have plastic bottle recycling here, so all the bottles of water you buy can be recycled, so you can be healthy and green they not recycle plastic bottles there hun?