Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Viola!

Today is my bunny's birthday! Her name is Viola and she is turning one year old. Pucci is my other bunny and he just had his birthday on October 8th. 2 bunny birthdays right in a row! I didn't get either of them anything just because I'm pretty short on cash at the moment... but they will be getting some pretty fun stuff for Christmas!

Viola is the Chocolate Dutch in the front and Pucci is a Holland Lop snuggling up to her in the back. Pucci just turned 2 years old. They are very much in love, they are best friends for life. 

They have got to be THE most spoiled rabbits of all time. I mean just take a peek at the condo my bf and I built for them. They even have their own carpet! The blur at the bottom of the pic is Pucci, he was super excited and running all over when I took this pic. 

Does anyone else have bunnies or other animals??

Viola and Pucci will see you soon!