Thursday, November 5, 2009

Product Review

Hi everyone, just wanted to post a review of a product that I recently purchased.

It's shower gel by a company called "Say Yes to Carrots". I mean c'mon, I own and love bunnies, I just had to try this product. I bought it from Target for a bit pricy $8 but it's a rather big bottle and I figured it was worth a try.

The product so far is pretty good! It has a nice clean smell to it and it leaves your skin feeling very nice. Since I live in Michigan and it's practically winter already (*sigh*), 'tis the season for uncomfortable dry skin. I felt that this product was hydrating and smooth. If anyone is interested, I will do another review later after I have used a bit more, just to let you know if I still like it because sometimes I fall out of love with products.

The website for the product is here if you are interested. They have a whole line of cool stuff and it's all made with natural ingredients, including carrots! Guaranteed not to turn you orange :)

I hope someone gives this product a try. They also sell lip balm, lotion and a few other things at Target.

Stay Tuned!


Ana said...

I think the main question in all bunny mommies' heads is: do the buns try to nom you after you use this product? Hehehe

Mad wabbit woman! said...

HEEHEE! i sure wish they sold those products here! carroty do you smell after using it?! sounds like a awesome, bunderful product!..pls do write another review..and give us pucc & vee's verdict!! :P