Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Glittersniffer Cosmetics

I would like to introduce my readers to some AWESOME makeup! I stumbled upon this company "Glittersniffer Cosmetics" while searching through blogs on this website, which led me to her etsy page. Lela, the owner and creator of everything Glittersniffer, is a wonderfully talented woman who has an eye for color, sparkle and quality. I placed an order with her at the beginning of February, and the colors that I purchased were as follows:

Pink Pistol: a hot pink pigment completely saturated with silver microglitter. It's gorgeous!
Playboy: a goldenrod yellow, almost the color of pollen on flowers, full of tons of silver glitter. It looks like powdered gold, only better!
Angry: A beautiful carbon black pigment, almost the color of coal, with pink/purple glitter throughout.

and with almost every order she adds a little something as a sample, which I received "Pink Stiletto's" A bright, almost metallic pink. Theres no glitter in this color, but when you swatch or wear the color you can see the as the light hits it, it glows.

I love all the colors that I received. They are all so different from anything I have ever owned. I showed my friends and even my family. I actually made my dad look at them haha.

As for the quality of the shadow, they all are amazing...
Here are some pictures of the swatches I made. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion under these, but they are awesome even without primer.

From left to right: Playboy, Pink Pistol, Angry, and Pink Stiletto's.

Sorry my camera isn't the greatest, I need to upgrade! The 3rd picture down actually is without primer. You can see that Angry (the black) is a bit less pigmented that way, but you can always pack on the color a bit more than I did! The one thing you have to worry about is fallout. But since these are pigments and not packed shadows, it is to be expected.

The pigments went on really easily and when I wiped them off (I use sensitive baby wipes to remove my makeup) they didn't scratch my lids like sometimes eye makeup with glitter can do.

How long does it last, you ask? Well it lasts just about all day!

I would definitely recommend buying from Lela at She has TONS of colors to choose from, even a new Avatar inspired pigment!

Play Boy, Pink Pistol, Angry, Pink Stiletto's. Then a combo of PP and PB.


Mad wabbit woman! said...

oh wow!..those pigments are just fabulous!...some glittery eye shadows dont tend to be sparkly, but you can really see the glitz on these ones!..they are definately keepers! :)