Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1/40 on Sugar Detox aka Lent

So some of you may be wondering how did day 1 go on the no-sugar "detox". It went pretty well. I found myself thinking about it all day long because I didn't want to make a mistake and also wondering what exactly I'm going to allow myself to have. I started off saying I wasn't going to drink any juice. But I decided that I'll allow myself a little juice as long as it is 100% juice. None of that fruit juice cocktail crap. I do this because let's face it, orange juice has vitamins, it probably my only source of Vitamin D in this horribly cold, cloudy state I live in. So day 1 down, no slip ups. I went to Tim Hortons to do some work and ordered a green tea, no sugar. Burned my tongue and part of my lip on it, but still felt good about my choice :) Stay Tuned!


Simply Jen said...

hope it's still going well!

Mad wabbit woman! said...

yay!..well done hunny!..your doing great!!